Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Website Helping Parents After Divorce

There is a News Discussion going on within LinkedIn's Collaborative Family Law Group regarding a site that helps parents manage their families after a divorce. You may find this article to be helpful.

How can divorced parents manage their families without Facebook?
How can they schedule who has the kids at a particular time?
Courts are increasingly ordering them to use online services such as OurFamilyWizard.com, a social media Web site for divorced parents, grandparents, lawyers and courts. The service lets parents collectively manage schedules, trade messages and track expenses for activities such as swimming lessons or a Boy Scout trip.
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  1. Well, for me, getting a divorce really needs a lot of planning. Also you couples should take into consideration on what would their kids feel about it. Some planners and organizes that help in the recovery are also very helpful. When me and my wife divorced, I let my kids use this c-planner-manager planner from http://4help.to/children. And there was no doubt that they helped my kids.


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