Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why Should an Attorney Conduct an Asset Search?

Check out our recent article, "Why Should an Attorney Conduct an Asset Search?", which explains the benefits of offering asset searches to your clients. You can also view this article directly on our website,
Why Should an Attorney Conduct an Asset Search?

If used properly and if conducted by a reputable Asset Search Company, asset searches can be used as a valuable tool in both pre and post litigation. Often is the case when a personal injury attorney has a client with severe injuries and an insurance policy with inadequate coverage. The question then becomes whether to settle a case for the policy limits or seek additional assets to satisfy a judgment. Moreover, what duty does the attorney have to his client to inform them that they may be entitled to more than just the insurance coverage? Also, what happens to the attorney who fails to inform the client that they could have conducted an asset search to uncover assets to attach and possibly satisfy a judgment to make the client whole?

Most asset searches cost less than $300.00. At , for example, a nationwide asset search costs $165.00 for an individual subject and $150.00 for a corporate entity. At the very least, shouldn't the client be given the opportunity to pay for and conduct a search just in case there are additional assets associated with the subject or the defendant? If the client refuses, the attorney is protected. If the client agrees to conduct the search, then the attorney has satisfied their "due diligence" by conducting a nationwide asset search, which may very well reveal additional assets that can be attached. In addition, where the subject may be concealing assets, such as through family trusts, partnerships or the like, the asset search report will provide a road map for the attorney.Continue Reading»


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Staying on the Job- Marital Therapy for Boomers

Check out this article from Wallet Pop regarding baby boomer marriages and the issues that many wives have when their husbands retire early. This article suggests keeping your husband on the job to keep your marriage healthy.

Everywhere I look, I see another news story bemoaning delays in retirement plans for Boomers. Most of them feature some poor schmo who says he's going to be working until they haul him off the job toes up.

It's hard for me to be too sympathetic. Part of the reason is that I'm a woman. I spend a lot of time around other women whose husbands are retired or contemplating it and my conclusion is that they would do almost anything to keep the poor dear on the treadmill.

It doesn't have much to do with money, although healthcare is a factor. Many women are younger than their husbands and when he retires, she will have to find private health insurance and it almost certainly won't be as good as she had before.Continue Reading»


Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Dealing with Divorce Related Depression

There is a News Discussion going on within LinkedIn's American Divorce Lawyers Group regarding an article from New York Divorce Report that shares tips for dealing with divorce related depression. You may find this article to be helpful, especially if you or someone you know is in the process of getting divorced.

While going through a divorce, it is natural to feel isolated, depressed and stressed out. Therese Borchard on Beliefnet offers several tips to lessen the effects of divorce related depression.

-Find a diversion and lose yourself in it. Whether it be reading, knitting, swimming or some other activity- keep your mind occupied and stop ruminating about your divorce.

-Get out of your routine. Put yourself in a situation, outside of your comfort zone, where you have to interact with people.

-Make plans. Put your self on a schedule and stick to it.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Website Helping Parents After Divorce

There is a News Discussion going on within LinkedIn's Collaborative Family Law Group regarding a site that helps parents manage their families after a divorce. You may find this article to be helpful.

How can divorced parents manage their families without Facebook?
How can they schedule who has the kids at a particular time?
Courts are increasingly ordering them to use online services such as, a social media Web site for divorced parents, grandparents, lawyers and courts. The service lets parents collectively manage schedules, trade messages and track expenses for activities such as swimming lessons or a Boy Scout trip.
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