Friday, March 12, 2010

Tips for Dealing with Divorce Related Depression

There is a News Discussion going on within LinkedIn's American Divorce Lawyers Group regarding an article from New York Divorce Report that shares tips for dealing with divorce related depression. You may find this article to be helpful, especially if you or someone you know is in the process of getting divorced.

While going through a divorce, it is natural to feel isolated, depressed and stressed out. Therese Borchard on Beliefnet offers several tips to lessen the effects of divorce related depression.

-Find a diversion and lose yourself in it. Whether it be reading, knitting, swimming or some other activity- keep your mind occupied and stop ruminating about your divorce.

-Get out of your routine. Put yourself in a situation, outside of your comfort zone, where you have to interact with people.

-Make plans. Put your self on a schedule and stick to it.
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