Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Divorcing Couples Should Get Objective Market Evaluation of Real Estate

There is a Discussion going on within LinkedIn's Collaborative Family Law Group about how divorcing couples should get an objective market evaluation of their real estate. Check it out...

All Divorcing Couples Should get an Objective Market Evaluation of their Real Estate

As experienced realtors and short sale specialists, many of our sellers are in the process of divorce. Many have had their homes on the market for many months and/or have borrowed money from relatives and retirement accounts etc. to make mortgage payments. Others "won" the family primary residence, the second home on the lake believing in equity that doesn't exist in today's market. We suggest a market analyis be done and updated (every 45 days or as needed) for every divorcing couple. Foreclosures and short sales can erode the equity that the sellers imagined or wanted so much to believe. Continue Reading»


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