Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Children of Divorce

Here's an interesting blog post from Divorce, it's just the beginning, about the effects of divorce on children. "Stereotyping Children of Divorce" examines research that found children of divorce are at a disadvantage.
Numerous articles have been written about divorce, the effects of divorce, and how children of divorce are at a disadvantage. The problem with some of the research that has been conducted on divorced children was that extraneous variables weren’t always considered.

For example, in research citing that children of divorce are less likely to perform as well academically as their peers who are from intact families, no consideration was given to whether or not the child was performing poorly due to the divorce, or due to arguing and fighting that was still occurring between the parents.

It would also be beneficial to see if these were children who had a history of poor academic performance prior to the divorce. Continue reading» 

What to do think about these findings?


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