Thursday, August 6, 2009

Saarloos Winery-Los Olivos, CA

Hi All, I was in Los Olivos, California several weeks ago with my girlfriend exploring different wine tastings and we received a tip from a friend to check out Saarloos and Sons Winery. If you are a wine lover then you are in for a real treat in several ways. The first is the wine tasting room at Saarloos. The room is quaint and inviting and not a wine snob could be found. Cool music was playing in the background and the proprietor who invited us to pull up to the bar for the tasting,Keith Saarloos, was interesting and entertaining and a breath of fresh air from the other people and wineries we visited earlier in the day. The wine, itself, was extraordinary and quite a surprise. Don't miss the Daugher chardonnay or the Purper Hart syrah. And if you are lucky, Keith will also let you try a wine with 85% merlot, 10% cab and 5% cab franc, called Ring Effie Unk. Keith also signs all of the bottles if you purchase some which I strongly recommend. Or you can join their wine club which I did. But the most enjoyable treat came at the end of our tasting when we were able to buy the most delicious cupcakes in the world. You can also drink your wine and eat the cupcakes outside around a California fire place in nice lounge chairs. What could be better? You can find the winery at Check it out... you won't regret it!


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